Cencorp 1300 BR

– further productivity, flexibility and efficiency to the PCB depaneling process



Cencorp Cencorp’s first depaneling product was a manually fed shearing machine that was introduced in the early 1980’s. Now with more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing depaneling equipment, Cencorp launches a new generation in-line depaneling cell, the Cencorp 1300 bottom router.




  • Cencorp 1300 BR utilizes the most advanced linear motor technology for the PCB depaneling process; thus, providing high speed and high accuracy, but keeping the maintenance costs low.

Low cost of the product exchange

The fully automated Cencorp 1300 BR is designed for high volume mass-production. The fast product change-over increases flexibility while guaranteeing a high throughput and, thus, minimizing production loss.

  • Moreover, we recognize a growing need for ESD protection and a clean cutting process, which have been very carefully incorporated into our depaneling solutions. Also, the known Cencorp user and service friendliness of the machine have been taken into account when designing the 1300 BR, allowing easy access inside to cell on both side’s front and rear.

Cencorp’s depaneling machines are equipped with a user-friendly software interface that will allocate required information pertaining to daily production. In addition, useful software options are available to customers such as PCB quality verification and bit diameter verification.

  • Our standard solution is based on modular product construction, which includes a wide variety of PCB handling solutions needed after the depaneling process, such as tray conveyors, flat belt conveyors, PCB shuttle and palette conveyors.

PDF: GS-Cencorp_1300BR