Cencorp 1000 BR/Evo

– The best choice for the PCB depaneling process

The PCB depaneling phase should never be a bottleneck in your production, not in terms of quality, cycle time, change-over time or maintenance.


Cencorp-1000 BR/Evo

Then the right choice is the Cencorp 1000 Bottom Router (BR), chosen by world-class manufacturers to improve their production throughput. Over 30 years of experience in depaneling has been built into this 4th generation solution.

Cencorp 1000 BR provides flexibility and  efficiency

The system is extremely easy to program and operate thanks to its graphical user interface with integrated teach mode. Automated tasks such as automatic rail adjust and automatic program change as well as the servo gripper mechanism eliminate the need for any manual intervention or the need to use special tools in product change-over.

The Cencorp 1000 BR is both efficient and flexible; the same machine can also be used as a standalone router. Due to the high capacity and short change-over time, you can replace several standalone machines with one Cencorp 1000 BR.

One single platform

Our standard solutions are based on one platform and module strategy. However, customer specific modules can be built when required to meet the manufacturing process requirements.

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