Cencorp 1000 VR/Evo

– Router for high volume and low mix

The PCB depaneling phase should never be a bottleneck in your production, not in terms of quality, cycle time, change-over time or maintenance.


Cencorp-1000 BR/Evo

Therefore the right choice for high volume depaneling is the Cencorp 1000 Volume Router (VR).

Cencorp1000 VR concept provides the best reliable handling for high volume production with intelligent PCB handling and powerful robots. Over 30 years of experience in depaneling has been built into this brilliant solution.

Cencorp depanelling provides precise, stress free breakout and safe board handling without compromising the rigidity and strength of the panels. Also, dust handling capability was developed on a new level of router equipment. Furthermore, Cencorp solutions can also easily handle irregular shaped boards, which are popular in modern portable equipment.

Customer specific parts rapidly

Typical delivery time for customer specific parts is less than 10 days. The machine is equipped with changeable multi-gripper.

For further details open: GS-Cencorp_1000VR