Cencorp 1300 SR

– New Cencorp Off-line Router



Cencorp, market leaders in the supply of routers for over 30 years have introduced the next generation of depaneling systems in the form of the 1300 SR off-line router. This new stand-alone router’s modular concept allows multiple configurations to

match process requirements and its new design allows better access to the machine for operator convenience and a larger routing area enabling the use of larger panel sizes. The Cencorp 1300 SR offers excellent price performance and is simple, flexible and meets most production requirements.


Robust and Accurate

The Cencorp 1300 SR’s robust platform enables extremely high accuracy production and its modular concept allows Cencorp to adapt the machine to meet your individual needs, maximizing return on investment. This system has the capability and reliability demanded by today’s competitive market. The 1300 SR accommodates both v-scored and pre- routed panel designs and automatic tooling changes combined with automatic product verification make this system a perfect fit for high mix environments. Two different configurations are available.

PDF: GS-Cencorp_1300SR